The Big Day is around the corner, and you need to get started on your shopping list.  If you are new to party planning, chances are you will either get totally confused, or leave out some important item.  The best thing to do in this case is to sit down and make a list all the party supplies required.

‘Invitations’ would head the list, as without guests you cannot have a party.  While shopping at the Stationery Store for the invitations, also pick up some ‘Thank You’ notes.  These are a good gesture you can use to acknowledge the presence and presents of your guests after the party. Next step is to equip yourself with temporary or throwaway items that will help reduce your work before, during, and after the party, such as:  plastic cake plates, plastic cups, plastic cutlery, disposable dinner plates, paper napkins, and maybe a cheery bright tablecloth.  If you are planning a ‘theme’ party, your decorations should reflect the theme.  If it is just a general party, items like balloons, party hats, banners, party blowers, streamers, etc would make your home look festive.  Don’t forget that special birthday cake, and the candles to go with it.  You will also need snacks and soft drinks to serve during the party.  Your dinner menu should be planned well in advance, and all the food kept hot and ready to serve at the appropriate time.  Will the cake be served as dessert?  Then it’s a good idea to get some ice-cream to serve with the cake.  If you want to have games during the party, it would involve additional planning.  Will they be ‘action’ games?  Or sit-down writing games, like a quiz?  If so, whatever is required for each game needs to be kept ready for when ever the guests are up for it.  Don’t overlook pencils, paper, or whatever party supplies the games may require.  Prizes need to be bought and gift wrapped to give the winners of the games.  Then there is the all-important camera to record all the jolly happenings during the party!  Pictures that will help you re-live the wonderful party, long after it is over.  Or better still, if you have a video camera, use it to capture the party as it unfolds, recording each and every smile, movement, and burst of laughter.  If you have a ‘dancing’ crowd, lively toe-tapping music is a sure party-booster.

When the party is ending, and your guests are ready to leave – one more arrangement needs to be taken care of like ‘give-aways’ (or favors).  These are small gifts or mementos given to each family or individual attending the party.  Such gifts could comprise of a useful item, or an ornamental item.  It does not need to be anything very expensive.  If it is a children’s party, a bag of goodies containing lollipops, candies, paper hats, balloons, whistles, etc, would be a good idea.  If you diligently take care of all the above party supplies, your rating as a top-class, well-organized host, is assured.

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